Posted by Penny on 13th Jan 2020

Jeans! Something worth talking about.....

We all have them, love them or hate them they are a necessity.

For pretty much everyone the skinny is the go to. Blue, black & grey - easy peasy, and for the fashion forwards - an acid wash. These can be worn with pumps, trainers, boots, stilettos - anything goes.

High or mid-rise are also acceptable. It's a personal choice. Because I'm so short I prefer to go high rise to give the illusion of longer legs. A higher waist also helps if you want to tuck blouses in with out them popping out.

Also go a little shorter rather than too long. Bunching at the ankle never looks good.

Mum jeans have also become more widespread. Its a little more difficult to get a pair that look good on but its definitely worth the search. The best advice I'd give with Mum jeans though is that you need a fitted top, You can't do loose and loose together because it looks like you're about to do DIY. I also think more hair and makeup makes it trendy rather than too casual. Of course if your suntanned and skinny its just gonna look fab anyway but unfortunately that's not me in January!

We sell only one brand of jeans - Queen Hearts. That's because having tried loads we find them to be, by far, the most flattering. They're an ankle grazer length - perfect. Most European brands are really long for those leggy Italians! The also tend to be a bit straight. Most of us need room in the bum but a slightly smaller waist. Have a good size range from and XS (UK6) - XL (UK 16). We tend to do a mid rise and a high rise and colour wise, black, grey, blue and wet-look. These jeans have such a following that we tend to have pre-orders for new styles. I think they're just brill!

I have to say I think denim isn't easy for us in the UK because our fashion is much more conservative. Designer brands tend to do a lot more in terms of shapes and trends but it just doesn't work for us. Diamante pockets, rips and flares still make the catwalks but just don't translate to our wardrobes. For me its just about a comfortable, flattering fit.

Can I also cover embellishment... NO, NEVER, DON'T DO IT! that's all.